Without configuration that aims to provide WOW Gold

QuestMyMap is a small addon without configuration that aims to provide WOW Gold a nicer quest map and some fixes.We think class design in WoW has reached what I often call an arms race in PvP. That is a class gains a snare, then another class gains the ability to break snares, so the first class also gains a root, then the second class gets an ability to break roots, and so it goes. Players tend to ask for skills or talents that reduce their weaknesses, but when we go there, then someone else’s strength isn’t a strength any longer.

On the one hand, having skills and counter abilities adds depth to the fights. You need to be familiar with your defenses and everyone else’s as well and need to decide, often in a split-second, when to use an ability or save it.

But on the other hand, it justs adds bulk to the game. Simple outcomes can have depth too.I say all that as way of preamble, because we are taking a really hard look at a lot of the ubiquitous PvP-survival talents, such as those that reduce mechanic durations, provide pushback resistance, let you take less damage while stunned, etc. Our sense is that because so many of these have become ubiquitous, PvP is balanced around the assumption of those mechanics. Instead of them being some cool or clever power you have to mitigate their effects, they are just the norm. They become not a choice, but mandatory.

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