Want to try Implementation ten

Want to try Implementation ten, but you haven’t installed the Public Test Server? It’s easy! Just follow these easy instructions.MMORPG  is very extremely pleased to declare that we have connected with NCsoft to carry you the first ever totally test for Rich Garriott’s Tabula Rasa?!  All you need is your no price MMORPG consideration.

This offer is only valid in Northern The america of america, Australia and New Zealand.  Our EU associates can get the same fantastic test from this link.This unique 3 day test is 100% risk cost-free and no bank card is required for the test.  What are you waiting for, the war to win itself?

NCsoft has published the identify notices for for Tabula Rasa’s most newest identify, which went live last night.Server and Customer Up-dates. Sound stops/restarts on minimize/restore.Audio: Tweaked volumes of several 1 liners so individuals can listen to them better.Improved Server and Customer Stability.

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